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Hairston Family Crest

The Hairston Creed

I am proud to be a HAIRSTON
Our family has a rich and unique history,
It has weathered the tumultuous storms of life,
Yet maintained the bonds of unity.
Our love and knowledge of each other,
Grows deeper and stronger year by year,
The courage and fortitude of our ancestors,
Will be remembered, cherished, and always held dear.
We are truely a family of one,
Though we each are different and sometimes disagree,
But we are committed to honor our family name,
So each other's point of view we sincerely strive to see.
Yes, I am proud to be part of the clan,
And will teach my children and theirs to do the same,
Forever will live the spirit of this family,
Oh God, please bless and protect the Hairston name.

- Marvin S. Hairston